The stated objectives of ARPAS as described in its Articles of Association are:

The organisation, representation, promotion and encouragement of small unmanned aircraft systems or remotely-piloted aircraft systems flying and operation in all its aspects nationally and internationally through the medium of individual and operating company members;

To assist and guide individual or operating company members on such terms and in such a way as the Council shall think fit;

To promote the collaboration between members of the Organisation and the co-operation on behalf of members of the Organisation with National Aviation Authorities or other government departments and any other bodies and organisations around the world;

To produce, collect and distribute information in connection with unmanned aircraft systems on such terms as the Council shall think fit;

To encourage and support research in unmanned aircraft design theory, construction and certification;

To establish and support, financially or otherwise or aid in the establishment and support of any educational scheme or establishment with benefit to the small unmanned aircraft systems operating community.